This blog is meant to relay my experiences in the hopes that they will be helpful to someone else. Unfortunately, my advice can't take every variable into account because my circumstances are unique to me. That's where you come in. I need your input. I need you to let me know what your challenges are when it comes to finding and wearing clothes so that this blog can be a valuable resource for all of us. If you have body image issues, if you are not the "perfect" size, if you are disabled - I think I've just covered everyone alive - I want to know what trips you up when it comes to looking your best. Won't you help me make a great resource for everyone, especially for everyone with a disability? Sound off by commenting on the blog posts or on my Facebook page, follow me on Twitter, or send me an email. Please, make this your blog, too!

I use the DISQUS platform to better manage my comments and keep track of what fellow bloggers are posting. I encourage you to sign into DISQUS - you'll only have to do so once - so you can participate in the discussions. I need to hear from you; your feedback keeps this blog relevant and evolving.

Please know that I appreciate each and every person who reads my blog, follows my progress, likes and comments on my posts, and shares them with others. It's also very likely that I follow your endeavors as well. I pride myself in answering every comment I receive that asks a question or requires further information and make every attempt to visit those bloggers sites to give them my own feedback. I do a lot of sharing of other blogger's posts on social media - just to let you know I think what you're doing is special. If I don't happen to comment on everything you post or miss something you think is important please don't feel slighted. There are only so many hours in a day and I simply can't come close to doing everything I'd like to during that finite amount of time. My disability doesn't keep me from being fabulous, but it does mean I do most things pretty slowly. That's the main reason I don't post every day.

I do encourage you to give me a nudge if there's something you really want me to read or comment on. I promise to do my best to get to it.

Thanks again for reading!