Fashion Friday: Teacher's Pet

It's that time again when teachers and students alike file back into the learning institutions of our country to educate and learn from each other - and yes, I believe it's often a reciprocal process, especially if either has a disability.

Here we have an inexpensive red shirtdress from Kohl's that's appropriate for student and teacher alike. I've chosen to accessorize from a student's POV with a denim backpack and some youthful baubles but you can swap these out for more sophisticated pieces if school's out for you. This week's challenge is styling around the DAFO leg brace. I had never heard of these until I read about them on Kristen's Life With Cerebral Palsy and was immediately inspired to incorporate a DAFO brace into this week's look. Normally I'm not a fan of the Ugg booties but, in this case, they afford both ample room and pretty camouflage for the brace. While they don't occlude it completely they are an infinitely more stylish choice with this outfit than a pair of athletic shoes.

Spashionistas Wanted

The outfits that I put together for Fashion Friday are based on my BODS profile. Sure, some of the items I use are beyond my price range but I’m certain I can find reasonable equivalents within my budget. I would love the opportunity to put some together for you for the next installment of Fashion Friday. If you’re interested email me with your BODS profile and we’ll make it happen!