I've Got You Covered

It's a few days before Halloween, which means by week's end the Holiday season onslaught will begin in earnest. In fact, I started seeing ads for Christmas "layaway" at the beginning of October. I could bemoan the barrage of Holiday displays that are encroaching upon more and more real estate within almost every store - but I won't. I can't beat them, but I can outsmart them, and so can you.

From now until Christmas I'll be featuring a few products you can buy online that I think are worth your while and would make terrific gifts for friends, family, or yourself.  I'd like to start by telling you about Pauline Durban and her company called Covered Perfectly.

Through her own experiences trying to dress comfortably, appropriately, and attractively Pauline has created a line of shirts that are both beautiful and functional. They are ideal for those of us that don't necessarily want to advertise our upper arm "expansion". They are also a saving grace lengthwise in a sea of crop-tops because they cut a bit longer than the average shirt.

Here's the proof.  


I'm wearing one of Covered Perfectly's Draped Front tops - in my signature color, no less - with a pair of jeans. The top has some ruching along the sides which is very flattering along the tummy area. It's also long enough on me to be belted if I choose to wear it as a tunic of sorts. More importantly, it's a good length for most of us who are in wheelchairs because it doesn't ride or roll up as you're shifting in the chair seat or pushing yourself along. As an added bonus, Covered Perfectly's garments are all made in the USA and launder beautifully. The micromodal material doesn't pill of fade after washing like so many others. With 24 styles to choose from, including 9 available in Plus sizes, you can find something to suit any size and shape that will prove to be a great investment piece in your wardrobe.

Oops, I'm supposed to be talking about buying gifts for other people. Well, no matter who you buy for, if you're looking for good quality, figure flattering tops with grown-up appeal please check out Covered Perfectly's website,

I would also like to take a moment to say thank you to the lovely Mary Murnane for running a contest last month featuring this gorgeous J Crew necklace. As you've probably guessed by now I won and I decided it was high time to show it off. 


It's an amazing piece with tons of visual impact and lends itself perfectly to the top's draped neckline.  Thanks to Pauline and Mary for making me look so good!

Last, but certainly not least, here's a guest post on my friend Kimmie Jones' blog about the frequent lack of wheelchair access in Halloween themed haunted houses. If you happen to be at a similar venue and notice accessibility issues you'd be a star if you left a review using AXSMap

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