Roll Model Roll Call

Attention all present and prospective roll models. I have two very exciting bits of news and opportunities for you to be of service to pass on to you that require your attention.


First I want to introduce you to AXS Map, a new app for your phone that is all about accessibility and was recently featured in TIME magazine. AXS Map is intended to work in a similar manner as Yelp with the focus on mapping and reviewing different sites with regards to their level of physical accessibility. The app is a crowdsourcing platform that allows people around the world to rate businesses for accessibility and, more importantly, to share that information. While it's true that the Americans with Disabilities Act was intended to remove architectural barriers for those with mobility issues the reality is many buildings and right of ways are either exempt or have been grandfathered in to bypass enforcement of the law. 

AXS Map is powered by Google maps and relies on user reviews and rating to generate an accurate, cumulatively balanced assessment of individual sites. You do not have to be disabled to provide a review. Simply register at the AXS website and then download the app to get started. If we all do our part and submit reviews we Roll Models can make a significant difference in the lives of every disabled person in our communities.

Once you're done checking out AXS Map please take five minutes to donate to Tailgate for the CureCancer touches virtually everyone's life in one form or another. Here's an opportunity to help nullify that statement once and for all.

shapeimage_1 (1).png

My dear friend Matthew Perry Bretherick who manages the Shi shoe store at the Cool Springs Galleria Mall in Franklin, Tennessee is at their Knoxville UT fundraiser to help out. TFTC selects a specific cancer charity, annually, to benefit from their fundraising efforts  as well as honoring a specific individual, who has been affected by cancer, to which 100% of the profits from fundraising will be given to the selected charity in their  honor. 


Please go to the Tailgate for the Cure website for their complete mission statement and to find out more about how you can help.  

How about it, Ladies, can we do this or what?