I never dress up for Halloween. However, I thought it might be appropriate to do so this year. I had a general idea in mind so I went to Party City to see if I could find anything that suited my purpose.  


I decided to wear a black and white lace dress I snagged from the JCP clearance rack for $17. It's the only fit and flare dress I own and I think it passes muster. I may have it shortened a bit, and I'm definitely going to have the sewn-in shoulder pads removed. The denim jacket is an oldie but I liked way the buttons played off of the lace in the dress. Add my Mia flats from Shi, a few assorted baubles and bangles, and my newly acquired "Queen" pin. I saw it at a vintage sale and simply couldn't pass it up.

I must admit I had a fair amount of fun perusing the aisles. There were so many possibilities. Of course, most of them were pretty cheesy. In fact, my friend Kimmie Jones wrote a hilarious post about how out-of-control the costumes have become. In the end I decided to pick up a prop or two to add to something I have in mind. It'll either be a huge success or an epic fail. You'll just have to wait and see. 

Joining the party at Visible Monday, Fashionista Syle Hop and Monday Bloom.