10 Questions With Megan Mae Daily

 Here is another installment of "10 Questions With", featuring the lovely Megan Gann of Megan Mae Daily. I will be modeling one of Megan's very own Obi-belts in my next post so be sure to check it out. I'll also tell you how you can get one to give as a holiday gift - or, better yet, to keep and wear yourself! 

1. What motivated you to start blogging?

I wanted to "grow up" my style. I was a fan of style makeover shows, and eventually came across big name bloggers like Kasmira of What I Wore today and similar titled blog - What I Wore, by Jessica Quirk. It originally began as a way of showing off my new stuff, then became about cataloging my style changes. Eventually it turned into a whole new way of communicating with like-minded and different! minded individuals. It's a learning process and a friendship creator. It's a job, an outlet, a network. MMD (Megan Mae Daily) has become something bigger than just a fashion blog for me, but a valuable resource in my life.

2. How would you describe your sense of style?

Grown up goth with a futuristic and comfort nod.

3. Does your disability limit your fashion choices?

It does. Co-morbid with anxiety and panic attacks, I suffer from certain levels of sensory integration issues plus a common skin condition called Keratosis Pilaris (KP). This means that I am very fussy about how much skin can show, what sorts of fabrics, tightness, looseness, etc all effect my clothing choices. Sometimes fashion is a way to rebel against my disorders. To be loud visually, even when I want to "hide" away. It's also become a way of breaking the ice and allowing people to approach me because of the way I look and not because of other anxiety-ridden issues, such as evasive behavior.


Raspberry pants (1).JPG

4. Are there specific items of clothing you tend to gravitate towards?

I like dresses, especially "easy" ones that are very detailed without added accessories. I like uniquely cut tops. I also love the feel of a full skirt, even though it isn't the best shape on me. Most of all I like ankle boots. They work almost year round and I can wear socks. Giving me more stability (and edge) than usual heels or flats.

5. Do you have a favorite era for fashion?

1920s are my favorite eye candy. 1960s "future" designs are my favorite that I can see myself wearing. I also have a soft place in my heart for corsetry and costuming, but my comfort levels have not allowed me to partake in corsetry. However I love clothing of even older times and other cultures too. 

6. Who, if anyone, do you consider to be an inspiration; a style icon for you?

My friends! All my friends - Sheila for her steampunk and modern sophisticate looks, Meghan for her DIY mixed with badass punk, Ally for her sheer sense of boldness and love of feeling good. Lynne satisfies my adoration of boundary pushing conservative office chic, Ana embodies the UK lagen/goth looks I so adore, And of course, Megan the shoe goddess with a closet to die for.

If you mix all these ladies together, you'll find my biggest source of inspirations. Of course, I've always been an independent person so I do add my own flair. And sometimes I like to step away from all that and try something entirely new or inspired by someone different.


7. How much of your personality comes through in your wardrobe choices?

I think a lot! Maybe not as much as it used to, I dress more for function than fashion most days, but my clothes often "say" more than I do upon first meeting.

8. How has your style evolved over the years?

It's gone left, right, through the 6th dimension and come out somewhere on the other side. But always comfort. Always.

9. If you could go forward in time what fashion advice would you give the 40-year-old you?

I'm getting older, and that's okay. It's a different sort of beauty. Accept that my "colors" may change from the ones that flatter me as a younger person, hair should change more often than every 10 years, and just because I'm 40 doesn't mean I have to dress like I'm 80! And when I'm 80, I have to dress awesome because I'll be a tattoo'd ole Granny!!!

10. What legacy do you hope to impart to your audience?

Stop being afraid of thread and fabric. It doesn't define you to wear a shirt or dress. You can always take it off and put something else on. If you end up hating what you wear one day, you'll have to get dressed again tomorrow so switch it up! Don't feel because you are X or Y that any rule - spoken or not - defines what you "can" or "can't" wear. Wear what makes YOU feel good. Try everything. 

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