Well, I tried. 

This is the first time I've attempted to dress up for Halloween in years. Things didn't exactly go as I'd planned. In hindsight, I think the reason this was a fail is because I didn't do nearly enough planning. 


This was supposed to be my take on Mae West, but I won't sully her good (bad) name except to say this ended up being loosely referential to her image. 

The wig I spontaneously picked up at Party City is nothing short of atrocious for several reasons. It's the wrong style and it's far, far too big for my petite features. In fact, when I first put it on it was much, much bigger than what you see here. Thank goodness my friend Lani was able to cut about half of it down and semi-tame the rest of it into submission.

I didn't really have the right outfit, either, but lacking a voluptuous gown I tried to go for a late '30's vibe.  The only new items are the Vince Camuto pencil skirt and fishnet stocking - not pantyhose; real stockings. The Michka black tank is a Summer holdover, and the Nine West burgundy pumps are at least six years old. New to me are the thrifted Nygard Collection jacket, velvet and sequined bow gloves, and vintage Merrimac purple feathered hat. 

There was supposed to be a genuine fox collar but the weather was atrocious and I didn't want to ruin it so it stayed home. After it was all said and done I had gone to Physical Therapy, the opening of the Norman Rockwell exhibition at the Frist, and a bite at the Wild Hare in this getup.

There's a story behind the collar, as well  as the gloves and hat. I won't go into details here but some future posts will connect the dots - being Megan Gann, Lindsay Timberlake and the inimitable Judith the Style Crone.

Next year I'll be ready. Next year I'll do it right. I'm eyeing the "Mae does Lady Liberty" outfit and wondering... 

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