Put On Your Red Dress Baby

And don't forget your high-heeled boots.


Although these pictures were taken several weeks ago I wanted to use them today, post Thanksgiving, to talk about some of the things I'm thankful for that may seem a bit trivial to some but mean the world to me.

By now you know this backdrop well. It's the Shi shoe store in Franklin. You all know about 90% of my shoes are from Shi. But visiting with my friend and store manager Matthew is equally as important to me. I never miss an opportunity to give him a good hug because he is probably one of the most wonderful young men I've ever had the privilege of knowing. Some people struggle to be honorable out of guilt or fear and some are just born that way. Matty is definitely the latter and I love him dearly for that very reason. It also means he hires wonderful, caring, hard-working staff like Allison, the gorgeous giraffe in the photo with me (I'm wearing 3" heels in that picture and she still towers over me). She's a jewel in her own right, and I love the rest of the girls as well.

So it seems clear that the more shoes you buy the more good friends you'll make.

Speaking of shoes - boots, actually - if you had told me a year ago that I would be able to fit into and walk around, albeit assisted, in a pair of impossibly high-heeled, over-the knee boots I would've laughed in your face. This is what weight loss and exercise will yield if you are persistent and consistent with both. There is no cure for my disability but that doesn't mean I should let myself go. In fact, I will not go quietly nor will I go unnoticed. However, I will go without shapewear. All it does is spread your bulges around and even though I know I have a tummy a control garment would all but eradicate the curve of my waist. I'll pass on that and thankfully work with what I've got.

The red Connected dress is from last winter. Ruffled over-the-knee socks, burgundy Rock and Candy and black Shi-brand boots are all from Shi. In case you're wondering the boots were on uber-clearance so they were well within my budget and I bought them! I'm also wearing the second gorgeous Obi-belt I got from Megan of Megan Mae Daily. I think it works perfectly with this outfit. I do wish I had worn stockings instead of knee socks because the dress is a bit short when I'm seated, but it is a red dress, after all. Life should have more red dress moments, don't you think?

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