Violet Vixen

When someone like Spy Girl throws down the gauntlet to wear purple you know good and well I'm going to take it. After all, it is my signature color.


I've has this purple knit dress for years. So many, in fact, that my recent weight loss made it so large I had to belt it to show there are curves -  skinnier curves - underneath. The Candies military-style jacket is ever older. It was relegated to the back of my closet when I got too big to wear it. Now that I'm small enough to wear it again it's looking older than I am. But I will wear it until I find the perfect replacement.

No doubt you recognize the gorgeous J Crew necklace I won from the lovely Mary Murnane. I think it's the perfect compliment to the turtleneck dress, as is the belt from I got from Maurice's. The black bow-and-rhinestone gloves are making their post-Halloween debut. I got them at the Nashville Flea Market and I'm sure I'll wear them often. And the boots - the infamous Shi boots - that make me wanna pose and prance around like a Palsy pinup (which, I suppose, is pretty much what I am). 

I wore this to the movies to see The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug and do some holiday shopping at Opry Mills Mall. Yes, I know The Hobbit movies take a lot of liberties but I still love them and I encourage you to go see them. I also know I've been urging you to shop locally and here I am at the big mall. But I was already there to see the movie, and frankly, sometimes I need to be able to shop without having to constantly adjust for or circumvent accessibility barriers.

However, I did attend 8th and Argyle's Small Business Saturday event. They hosted 20 local businesses inside and a pop-up outdoors. Sadly, the building is completely wheelchair inaccessible. In the spirit of full disclosure let me say that they actually responded to my accessibility inquiries and expressed sincere regrets over the lack of access.

I did stop by to get in on the outdoor pop-up. I bought a vintage fire-engine red belt from Tosha Barber of Sew Retro Patterns. I also perused some exquisite natural soaps, lotions, balms and candles courtesy of Donegan Chandlery and some very creative and whimsical hair accessories by Cherise. But I couldn't resist the Cameos by Katrina booth where I found the stunning beauty below.


Although this one is vintage Katrina designs many of her own cameos to be worn as bracelets, necklaces, or brooches. If you need a last minute gift any of these fine Nashville artisans can hook you up!

Remember in this the last week of pre-Christmas frenzy to take time to relax and be happy. It's not a competition and the world won't end if everything isn't perfect - which, admit it, is a good thing because nothing ever is.