Get Your Jolly On

It's three days before Christmas. No doubt you are making lists to gather the last of what you'll need for holiday gifts, parties, and family get-togethers. Did you forget anything? 

I thought I hadn't, then I received a JollyVoxBox from influenster with some free samples of goodies that help dot the i's and cross the t's off of your Jolly Holiday list. Unlike the items I've been featuring in the Shop Small, Shop Local posts these are all well-established brands that can be found anywhere from the grocery store to the 'net, making it easy for you to get your hands on them if you're in a hurry.  These products each give you one less thing to stress over as you prep for for family and friends, presents and merry-making. 


Let's start with the Puffs Plus Lotion, which will come in handy to wipe away tears of joy or keep runny noses at bay without that sandpaper after-effect you get with regular tissues. I also use them to blot lipstick and wipe away makeup "mistakes".

How about adding your own personal touch to holiday packages with some pretty Duck Tape? I taped packages shut to keep prying eyes out and made cute bows with mine. 

2013-12-21 14.29.23.jpg

What about offering your guests some low-calorie alternatives to holiday sweets? Enter Skinny Cow and their line of low-calorie candy. I was sent some Divine Peanut-Butter filled chocolates and, although I'm not a fan of peanut butter, I found them delicious. The peanut butter flavor is very creamy and not at all overpowering. My only issue with these is even at 130 calories per serving they aren't suitable for low-carb diets. Alas, my better half has been relegated the arduous task of finishing these off - he ate half the box last night so it's safe to say he finds them yummy, too.

I was excited to see a little makeup in my goodie box. NYC's HD Color Trio Eye Shadow in Long Beach Sands shades was perfect for my date night outing. The compact comes with an allover, crease, and highlight shade, all clearly marked, so I followed their suggested application. Because I wear glasses eye makeup can be difficult to see but they definitely pop in contrast to the rich brown color palette.

2013-12-20 16.58.47.jpg

Last, but not least, Rimmel's Show Off Lip Lacquer is easy to apply, smells great, and doesn't dry out your lips - which is a big plus for me and anyone else who takes medication that tends to dehydrate. My singular complaint is the shade they provided, called Luna, is too apricotish to be flattering on me. It makes my skin look very sallow so I won't detract from the brand by showing you a picture. Fortunately, there are 12 more shades to choose from so I know you'll find the perfect one for you.

2013-12-22 15.50.40.jpg

Hopefully I've covered at least one item that you can put to good use in the last gasps til Christmas!