Something Old, Something New

Something hurried, something askew. 

Let's start with what's new. I know I haven't been very sociable this week because I've been busy here. This is a new website with a new name on a new platform - one with an easier url to remember.  The old blog placed a lot of restrictions on what I could and couldn't share with you. I'm now free to do much more so be on the lookout for new features and recommendations from yours truly.  I'll be adding more components in the next few weeks so stick around. Don't worry, all of the old content is still accessible.

Now, let's talk about something old. 


These were taken at the opening night of "Sensuous Steel: Art Deco Automobiles" at The Frist Center for the Visual Arts. The event was stunning. Cocktails, musicians, and some of the most beautiful automobiles from the 1930's you're ever likely to see.

I had spent the bulk of the day running errands so I didn't put much thought into my outfit.  


I generally pride myself in being among the best dressed anywhere I go. This time this was not the case. The event was packed with people donning everything from cut-off shorts and flip-flops to cocktail dresses. Several of the frocks were in the spirit of Art Deco Erte and the current Gatsby inspired craze of clean, straight lines and draped beading.

I should've done better than these red Sharagano pants, (which, incidentally, I discovered had a rip in them), this thrifted polka-dotted jacket that I had altered to include the front zipper, and my Forever21 polka-dotted bow flats. I should've looked as sharp as my custom made Medic-Alert bracelet and matching fine silver ring purchased at Art2Wear, Anne Klein watch, deco red cuff, and Hard Rock bracelet.

I should've looked fabulous. Instead I looked out of place and askew among this lovely cars. I am now in search of the perfect cocktail dress because I've never owned one and it would seem I am now in need of a stunner in that category.

Inviting all of you lovely ladies from Monday Mingle and Visible Monday to come by and give my your two cents about the new digs. 

EDIT: I've switched my comments to DISQUS so that I can reply to all of you and visit your respective sites. To those of you that commented during the switch I beg forgiveness. Although they aren't showing up here I have your comments in email and will get to you; promise!