Wonderous Wednesday

Have you ever felt as though you were wanting for inspiration to get you through a rough patch?

How can we discuss fashion and self-esteem without acknowledging the other side of that coin. Are you ever gripped by self-doubt, insecurity, fear, exhaustion?  Despite your best efforts do your hormones launch you into hyper-emotional chaos just when you need to focus and keep it together? Do you sometimes feel like you no longer measure up?

Because sometimes I do. All of you are so very kind in always telling me how positive and upbeat I am - and I usually am. But some days I am tired, and in pain, and feeling "less than".   I have found that regardless of age, shape or infirmity, every woman I know has these "doubting days".

It's on these days that we need something to refocus our energy and attention. We need something wonderous to pull us out of the hole our minds and circumstances create.

Because your attitude is the one accessory you can't take off and leave at home. You are forever destined to wear who you are and how you feel. I always want to feel like the women in this picture I did ten years ago - which was inspired by another done over a century ago.

What is your wonderous way of lifting yourself up? Is it an image, a meme, a passage from a book, a conversation with a friend?