In The Pink

Last week the world celebrated International Pink Day. As if I needed an excuse to wear pink.  

Remember last week's axe, the 2011 Gibson Flying V Melody Maker? Well, it just so happens that these pictures were taken during one of my thrift-store-crawls through the Nashville area. While it's true that local thrift stores have suffered what I consider to be a decline in the quality of their clothing (aka the Wal-Mart-ripple-effect) I still manage to find some gems worth acquiring. On this trip I found a pale pink peplum top and a dove grey jacket, both of which you'll see in the future. My better half scored the guitar, brand new and in the box, complete with gig bag. He was happy.

But back to the pink. I'm wearing a pink Baccini jacket over a purple top I scored from the Flip Flop Consignment shop. It was way too long for me so I had it shortened by about 8" and now it fits like a dream. The jeans are among my thrifted favorites and the neon - yes, neon - pink shoes are from Shi.

I suppose we really should talk about the company I'm keeping in that last photo. You may recognize the lovely braided beauty next to me as Amanda Valentine, recently of Project Runway fame. What you don't know is that Amanda and her friend Ongeleigh Gipson are getting ready to make the South as garment friendly as New York City. More details will be revealed in a new project from our favorite Citizen Rosebud featuring yours truly as a contributor. Trust me when I say it's going to become one of your must-reads.

Linking up with Visible Monday, Monday Mingle, and Adrienne and Jill's "How I Wear My Sunglasses". Also jumping back in the social pool this week. I've missed reading up on all you lovelies!