Boticca: Uniqueness In Bling

When it comes to style I love being unique and one-of-a-kind.

So when I received an email earlier this week complimenting my sense of style and inviting me to check out a unique website I couldn't resist doing so - and I'm glad I did.

Boticca is the place to start your search if you're looking for jewelry, bags and accessories by independent designers from all around the world. There's something for everyone here in all price points and from over 225 artisans based in 40 countries. C'mon, you know how much I love my bling, however inexpensive or pricey it may be. It's the easiest way to punctuate an outfit with precisely what you want to convey. I found so many designers here with striking work I wouldn't hesitate to add to my jewelry box.

Take Hong Kong's Susanna Valerio. She makes amazing bangles,  necklaces and clutches. I'm in love with how clean and bright her work is. 

Or how about French textile designer Esther Bonte's exquisite silk scarves?  Those colors are all me, but I adore the back and white "Hair Scarf" as well.

You get the idea. Boticca lets you see the story behind the designs as well with interviews and insights into the designers' creative processes. You can also read buyer's feedback about the products they purchased or contact the designer directly if you have any questions.

Did I mention almost 1800 pieces sitewide are on sale through Sunday and international shipping is free until the end of the month?  

Over the next month or so I'll virtually pair an accessory from Boticca with my weekly outfit post to give you an idea of what I would choose as the punctuation to that week's outfit. I'm going to invite you to then head to their website and include the url to your accessory choices from Boticca for my outfit in the comments section. If enough of you lovely ladies participate I'll get to do something IRL (In Real Life) for you.

But that's not the incentive here. The real payoff is in sharing a resource for lovely, unique designer accessories. I'm hooked; I want the rest of you to be hooked, too!