Hat and Tales

I'll be honest, this post takes me outside of my comfort zone - and it's all The Style Crone and Spy Girl's fault.

I've never thought of myself as a hat person. In fact most hats tend to look like they were made for someone else on me. They are almost always too big and seem to eclipse my face. These fedoras are no exception, but I wore them tilted back on my head so I could be a part of the very first Hat Attack hosted by Judith The Style Crone.

The outfit was never really meant to be part of a photo post. It was just a way to test the Power-Chair in a strip mall on a swelteringly hot day. White Chico's jeans, Nine West Vintage America butterfly print shirt, floral sequined Not Rated Shi oxfords, and Jessica Simpson bag. A subtle pattern mix but otherwise just a workhouse for 90+ degree temps.

I would pair this with Mapoesie's Dan Indigo Cotton Scarf and Mei Vintage's Ashley Shoulder Bag.

Subtlety has now left the building. 

You can blame this one on Anne Bray, aka Spy Girl, and her 52-pick-me-up  series. I mentioned that I had this jacket in the back of my closet. I bought it because the print reminded me of 70's psychedelia a-la-Peter Max. Some days I think it's awesome - most days I leave it in the farthest recesses of my closet. She begged me to don it for "70's Flashback", which means I get to ask you whether I should stash it or trash it. The bell bottoms are thrifted Style & Co and the 3" high-heeled Blowfish booties are from Shi.

I'm sticking with bold colors in the accessories from boticca. Torula's Hyde Park in yellow leather and Elena Estaun's Huge Brass Gold-Bathed Vertebrate. 

So many parties this week! The inimitable Style Crone's Hat Attack, Spy Girl's 52-pick-me-up, Not Dead Yet Style's Visible Monday, Monday Mingle, and so on. Expect a visit from me, my lovely friends, this week as I attempt to catch up on your blogs.