Electra Glide In Blue

Not the movie. Not even the chopper. This is way, way better.

About 6 years ago, while on one of our thrift store crawls, hubby and I came across an electric wheelchair. It was in very good shape but didn't run, the likely cause for this being dead batteries. With a $49 dollar price tag it was worth taking a chance so we took it home. I didn't really need it at the time, in fact I was fairly resistant to fixing it up, so it sat in my husband's shop. 

Fast forward to a few months ago. We bought fresh batteries for my ride for just over $300. The chair's motor had been submerged in the flood and sat neglected until my ever-resourceful husband took it completely apart, cleaned the contacts and repaired the seized-up motors. The seat had been wrapped up and stored so it needed very little cleanup. Now I have a working electric wheelchair for just under $400.

Never pay retail. 

It's going to need some adjustments to the seat and the footrest before I can use it for extended periods of time. I find it very uncomfortable to sit without my legs being underneath, rather than parallel to or in front of, my body. That's why my manual chair has no footrests. My spasticity takes over and it becomes a painful experience after several hours. Nevertheless, I thought I'd share it's inaugural run through Opry Mills

The shirt is one of my favorites, a Live and Let Live from several years ago. My Chico's indigo denim jeans and Groove denim wing tip shoes round out the outfit. I picked up the terrific Betsey Johnson bag on clearance at Marshall's. It does everything I need a bag to do for me and looks great to boot. My Medic-Alert cuff and Anne Klein watch are familiar pieces. The bracelet is from Vintage Vamp. Designer Teresa Morbitzer fashions new pieces by deconstructing and repurposing old jewelry. Her booth at Art2Wear Nashville was filled with delightfully whimsical and beautiful pieces. I fell in love with the bracelet because it's so unlike anything else I own.

Linking up with the always lovely Patti for Visible Monday and Monday Mingle and leaving you with this little clip proving even though I can't drive a car I can drive an electric chair.