Downtown Animal

I've been too busy to take decent pictures this week. Fortunately, I have a lovely set I've kept in reserve for just such an occasion. 


These photos are of the lobby inside Union Station Hotel. According to Wikipedia, it's "an example of late-Victorian Romanesque Revival architecture and is highly castellated [having or resembling repeated square indentations like those in a battlement]. The tower originally contained an early mechanical digital clock; when replacement French silk drive belts proved unavailable during World War I, it was replaced by a traditional analog clock. The tower was originally topped by a bronze statue of the Roman god Mercury; this was toppled in a storm in 1951. When a new Main Post Office was built in Nashville in 1935, it was located adjacent to Union Station. A connecting passageway between the two served to transport mail to and from trains for over three decades." [The Post Office building now houses the Frist Center for the Visual Arts. ]

Is it wrong of me to wear an outfit of head-to-toe clearance items to such a posh place? I hope not, because that's what I did. The zebra dress has an early 90's vibe to it. I cinched it in at the waist with a wide belt from Maurice's and added an Urban Outfitters Vegan clutch. No doubt you recognize the Chelsea Crew black and beige Mary Janes from last week. The rhinestone butterfly watch and onyx bangle are from Stein Mart and the Medic Alert bracelet custom made for me by my friend. The smaller pearl ring - which is a perfect match for the bracelet - was purchased a few months ago at Art2Wear Nashville. The larger pearl ring was a gift from a friend. I have been honored with several rings as gifts and many of them have pearls in the setting.

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