Labor Day Lazyness

Most of my blogger friends are taking Labor Day weekend off, but I'm still going to post a few pics and give some linky love to those that aren't lounging around this weekend.  


The top pic was taken yesterday for The Style Crone's second Hat Attack. You'll see the whole outfit and read about the circumstances behind it in a future post but I couldn't resist sporting this ostentatious hat in order to join the party. Also linking up with Jane at Shiny T Tuesday and Katy Rose at Fashion Style Hop

The second photo is several years - and pounds - ago. I posted this pic on Facebook with the caption, "the 80's called. They want their outfit back" so I thought it would be perfect for this week's Spy Girl 52-pick-me-up.

This week will be lighthearted and fun because even the Spashionista needs a little R & R from time to time. Next week I have a real treat in store for you so be sure to check back with me then.  The Roll Model Roster now boasts 26 members and counting. Have you told your friends about it yet?

Happy long weekend!