10 Questions with the Menopausel Supermodel

 I'd like to introduce you to one of my favorite disabled bloggers and Roll Models, Tamera Wolfe. I asked her about her style in this 10 question interview. 

1. What motivated you to start blogging?

I originally had a craft/decor blog--but you NEVER saw a picture of me on it.  I closed it in the Fall of 2011 after my Dad passed-I'd been neglecting it for months. I had been lurking around the "style" blogs for some time taking in all of the wonderful fashion on REAL people.  I had lost about 30 lbs by the end of 2011 and decided to step outside my box and start my own style blog. The Menopausel Supermodel debuted at the end of December 2011. 

2. How would you describe your sense of style? 

I am somewhat conservative (work requirements) but I am definitely COLORFUL!! I like bright, easy, casual pieces. 

3. Does your disability limit your fashion choices? 

I have Fibromyalgia, Chronic Active Epstein-Barr virus (chronic mono) and I'm Diabetic--the trifecta of suck!!  The pain associated with the Fibro keeps me from wearing heavy, fussy items--plus I need to be able to get it on easily. Some days it's excruciating just moving my arms and often buttons are just impossible with aching fingers. The Fibro makes my skin super sensitive--airflow can hurt!! So the fabrics need to be soft and loose-I love knits and cottons. As much as I love jackets and blazers--often they are too heavy or constricting so I opt for light cardigans as a layering piece.

I'm also limited in my shoe choices--I would LOVE to rock heels but it's not happening--I’m too unstable and clumsy. Being Diabetic I have to take care of my feet and have always worn comfortable shoes. There are times the Fibro has my foot muscles contracting a lot so I need loose easy shoes. I have a pair of flat boots, Sketcher ballet flats and a pair of dressy thongs for those days when my feet hurt.


4. Are there specific items of clothing you tend to gravitate towards?

CARDIGANS--I just love light cardigans as a layering piece. I think I have about 25+!!

5. Do you have a favorite era for fashion?

Wow--I adore 30's-50's era--so glamorous!! I cut my style teeth on old movies! I also am fond of the cheesy goodness of 70's fashion! 

6. Who, if anyone, do you consider to be an inspiration; a style icon for you? 

Before I became a Menopausel Supermodel I would drool over Vix of Vintage Vixen, Sheila of Ephemera, Helga Von Trollop, Desiree of Pull Your Socks Up, Curtise of SecondHand Years and Sarah of Misfit Vintage. I love vintage and thrifting and these ladies all are of a "certain age" and rocking their own looks!! I take so much inspiration from them!


7. How much of your personality comes through in your wardrobe choices?

I am a rather colorful, artsy person--and somewhat extroverted at times. I hope I’m expressing that with my style within the constraints of my real life. 

8. How has your style evolved over the years?

Before I started style blogging I was bound by all the "rules" I had internalized. All of the fat girl rules; all of the "old lady" rules. Seeing beautiful, vibrant ladies BREAKING all these rules helped me find "me". Now I let my pasty white chicken wings fly in sleeveless dresses and show more of my pasty legs. 

I have three style "rules"-

1. I can't disguise it so I might as well decorate it!!

2. If I don't LOVE it-don't keep it!! (wise advice from Vix!!)

3. Will this outfit get me featured on PeopleofWalmart.com??

9. If you could go back in time and give the 20-year-old you a piece of fashion advice what would it be?

The 20 year old 125lb me who thought she was too fat to wear a bikini??  I'd tell her -WEAR IT. Wear it because you love it and it makes you feel good. When you feel good and confident you are beautiful no matter what size you are!!

Oh yeah--and for some folk Spandex is NEVER a good look!!

10. What legacy do you hope to impart to your audience?

You're never too old, too fat or too ANYTHING not to be FABULOUS just the way you are!!