It's All A-Boot Evolution

I get it. Some of you took my last post to mean that there aren't any cowboy boots left in Nashville, nor should there be. That's not the point I was trying to make. As with every stereotype there is a core truth that get magnified and distorted so, like a bad game of telephone, the original message is lost to a clichéd, preconceived notion.  

The truth is that the majority of cowboy boots in Nashville are worn by those in the Country music industry and tourists traipsing through Music City.  That doesn't mean the rest of us in this town don't wear boots (and yes, even Cowboy boots on occasion). Here are some local shots of fabulous footwear that prove it. 


Of course, you've seen some of my boots in last year's Fall and Winter outfit photos. You'll see  a few more this year. Will any of them be Cowboy boots? The answer is yes; and no.  


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Images courtesy of Pinterest