It Has Good Bones

September is upon us, New York Fall Fashion Week is in full swing, and women everywhere are longing for their fall wardrobe. To that end, this month your Spashionista is all about fashion, locally and globally. I'll be talking about the great looks on the runway and on the streets. I'll also bring you an exclusive interview and give away a brand new designer item of clothing.  

Let's start with a little sartorial amuse bouche. Just a little bite - but be careful of the bones. 


I came across this lovely lady during one of my outings to some of our local discount stores. To be more accurate, my Mr saw her first - because he has a higher vantage point than I do - and pointed her out to me. We asked permission to get a photo of her outfit, which she readily gave us. If she looks sweet and demure it's because she really was, and perhaps that's why this "bone frock" didn't look too severe or silly on her. She seemed geniunely flattered that I liked her gown, admitting that she wore it often and it seemed to put some people off.

But not me. I immediately thought it to be a clever reference to Fall even though it's more suited for Summer's heat. I also thought it had a kind of agelessness to it. I could see 40+ lovelies like Bella Q, or Trina Grandinetti, or Ann Bray sporting this look.

How about you? Would you wear this? 

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