Vaunting 'Mongst Minions

I couldn't resist borrowing this phrase from the Bard himself.  Is that terribly despicable of me?


It seems my life has been going at 90 miles an hour for the past two months. Between the holidays and the bouts of the latest flu bug I've abandoned the concept of catching up, opting instead to attempt to hop back on the merry go round when I see an opening. But, no matter how busy I get, spending a little quality time with my better half is very high on my list of priorities. Even if we're just catching a movie like American Hustle after some post-holiday shopping it's important to take a few hours away from everyday places and routines to unwind and reconnect.

It's also important to put a little effort into what I'm wearing, even if I am just going to the mall - where most people look like they're on a field trip from a homeless shelter. To that end I guess I am vaulting about my appearance simply by dressing up. Who says you can't wear lace in Winter? I bought this black lace Cupio skirt for $17 during a final clearance and I think it looks perfect with my red White House Black Market jacket. It was also deeply discounted so it was worth my while to buy it and have the sleeves shortened to fit me. I'm wearing a simple black Mishca top studded with a handful of rhinestones underneath and my trusty Nine West burgundy heels. To add just a little sparkle I chose an amethyst costume cocktail ring and my Frist Center necklace.

What do you do to reacquaint yourself with your partner? If you can't think of an answer you've got work to do.

So very grateful to be a part of Tres Chic Style Bits, Monday Mingle, Fashionista Style Hop and Visible Monday this week in the company of such wonderful women.