Oh Deer

This was supposed to be a video post about a lovely piece of vintage art. My better half, who has his own YouTube channel with over 500 subscribers, was going to handle the editing duties.

Instead we're doing this.

2014-01-08 13.44.39.jpg

Hubby hit an eight-point buck on his way to work this morning. Aside from having to wait almost three hours in sub-freezing temps for a tow truck - and the fact that this is the second truck that has collided with a deer since we moved here - he's fine.

But it does change my plans for today. I'll be helping assess the damage and compiling a parts list. Before you even ask, he's going to fix it himself if it is, in fact, fixable.

Next Sunday I'll be better dressed. Next Wednesday you'll see some cool artwork. Today you can find me over at The Rich Life On A Budget in the How I Wear My Coat series.


Oh, how the mighty have fallen.


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