Amanda Valentine/Margaret Ellis Jewelry

If you're a fan of Project Runway you already know that my friend Amanda Valentine came oh-so-close to winning it all with her Fall 2014 collection. So close that the majority of viewers felt her designs should have garnered the grand prize.

But Nashville knows a good thing when it sees it. Valentine has really found her point of view as a designer and her voice as one of Music City's creatives. She collaborated with fellow Nashvillian McLaine Richardson, owner of Margaret Ellis Jewelry, to create the Roman Holiday jewelry collection

I got a chance to see the collection firsthand last week at The Sutler. The collection includes an ear cuff, several collars, a cuff, a hand chain, and a cuirass that, well, kicks ass. The nod to Roman culture is apparent, but so is Amanda's signature style. I tried on the Amanda collar and just fell in love with it. It was flawless, comfortable, and very flattering. The pieces are also reasonably priced, so I watched a fair few get snatched up and worn proudly on the spot.

I urge you to have a look at both the jewelry collection and the ready to wear and couture clothing lines. The majority of Amanda's fashions work well for many body types and all ages. Jewelry ordered by December 1st will be ready in time for Christmas - and who doesn't love a little holiday bling?

Because I wore my AV tunic to the Any Old Iron fashion show last month it seemed only fitting to wear my Any Old Iron customized tee to the AVME jewelry party. The classically cut shirt came sans safety pins. A pair of scissors and 120 safety pins later yielded my version of grown-up punk. Andrew has his own, much better, versions in stock at the store. If there's an ounce of edgy, punky rebel in you check out the website and pick up your own grown-up punk piece.

I decided to forego the typical all black uniform and opted to wear my vintageAmerican made Pendleton purple plaid skirt from Pura Vida Vintage and altered by Only One Tailoring. The shoes are fleece lined suede Converse high-tops, and I bought them specifically for events like this one. Gaining access to the venue required negotiating some stairs and I tend to scrape the top of my feet on the backs of steps as I climb - often ruining my shoes in the process. The sneakers have a toe that greatly resists scuff marks and clean up nicely with a Mr Clean Magic Eraser. 

As we were leaving Amanda turned to me and said, "you realize I'm stealing your entire look, right?" 

Not bad for an old girl, if I may say so myself.

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