Gothic Circus

I didn't don a costume for Halloween this year. Instead I dressed up for a very special event.

Queen of the Damned

Queen of the Damned

Audra Harvey of  Abrasive Media

Audra Harvey of Abrasive Media

It was a dark and stormy night - really, it was - perfect weather for the Gothic Circus sponsored by 12th & Broad and hosted by Abrasive Media.  A celebration of Nashville's growing community of circus artists, the evening's performances included "awe-inspiring aerialists, fire artists, burlesque dancers and graceful acrobatics— blended into narratives, creating a dramatic, sophisticated mash-up of theater, live performances and the body as art."

The photos above don't do the evening's performances justice. It's impossible to capture both the level of skill and the grace of execution  displayed by everyone involved. In fact, there were more performers than are pictured here, but I chose a random array to present to you. Suffice it to say that I was enthralled by the evening's program. It may sound bizarre, but as a person with Cerebral Palsy the fact that I can't move gracefully only fuels my fascination for those that can. I also know it takes a genuine commitment and countless hours of hard work to make a performance look effortless. I have tons of respect for these artists.

The venue deserves lots of props as well. Abrasive Media has recently taken over the old warehouse space on Houston Street and were still in the process of renovating the building. It was a real trick finding the back entrance which had the wheelchair ramp, but Audra and Justin Harvey couldn't have been more helpful. They answered all of my accessibility questions well in advance of the show and literally assisted in getting me in the building. If there was a Spashionista Accessibility Award Abrasive Media would win hands down. Likewise, "the Broads" of 12th & Broad are really starting to pull this town up by it's not-so-cowboy-anymore bootstraps by creating events that draw attention to the diversity that is the new Nashville.

Clint found a bedazzled suit at Goodwill that fit him like a glove and was impossible to resist. A different Goodwill yielded those impressive shoes. They are genuine alligator Mauri Italian shoes - ridiculously expensive new and still pretty pricey used - and a real steal at $14. Excuse the photo; because I shake I suck at taking pictures. I decided to channel early '80's Madonna (which nobody picked up on, so I'm calling this getup a bust). I scored the green tank, grey oversized crop tee, and grey sequined Disney bubble skirt on the thrifting spree. I had to get the petticoat and fingerless gloves from a costume shop. The grey Shi boots, fishnets,  Sunnyband and blingitude were already in my arsenal. The huge, crunchy-from-so-much-hairspray coiff was courtesy of my friend and hairstylist Lani.

Plagued by computer issues again this week so very late in joining Share in Style: Shoes, Monday Mingle,  Style to Inspire, Stylish Tuesday and Reasons to Dress. I think I've fixed the problem - then again, I said that last Sunday, too.