Small Business Saturday Shopping Guide

Small Business Saturday in Nashville is the best excuse I know to give my holiday business to the boutiques and shops that are redefining fashion and style in Music City. The city is filled with stores that cater to every taste imaginable. There's something for everyone here, so I thought I'd give you a guide of sorts to some of Nashville's most unique shops - just in case you'd like to drop by or visit them online.

8th & Argyle

8th & Argyle is a quaint little building that is home to a flea market of sorts filled with hand-made or vintage wares from independent vendors. It's a treasure trove of niftyness - just take a look at the fabulous feathered hat I found - at very reasonable prices. The building is not wheelchair accessible, but that's on the landlord, not the shopkeepers. If you're a local drop in for The Brunch Series Sundays in December. Have a bite and listen to live music while you browse.

Any Old Iron 

You already know that I'm a huge fan of Any Old Iron. A British invasion is just what Music City needed, and Andrew Clancey has curated a collection of covet-worthy clothing and accessories that are perfect in imparting an edgy, punky vibe. I'm not done raving about this boutique so you know you'll see more in the future. As if that wasn't enough, tucked in the back is Laura Citron's OPIUM designer vintage, which is equally worthy of your attention. 

Here's a heads-up for locals; shop the pop-up December 3rd 7-10 at the Kathryn Russ Art Show behind Drifters at five -points. 


I'm having a wonderful time watching Sunny Fitz take over the world, one headpiece at a time. I've talked to you about SUNNYbands before, and I just can't stay away from them. Nor is there any reason to do so, They're a beautiful and affordable way to make a statement, and I just can't get enough of them. From dog collars to ugly Christmas sweater bands, Sunny's products are the perfect stocking stuffers.


Another Nashville original near and dear to my heart is Nashville's first fashion truck Trunk. Abby has always gone out of her way to help me find great pieces, even though the truck is totally inaccessible. I kept promising to visit Trunk's brick-and-mortar location and finally did so on Small Business Saturday. Sadly, some lowlifes decided the night before was Five-Finger-Discount Friday, smashing the front door in and stealing a substantial amount of the priciest, most exclusive items. Dustin cleaned up the mess, restocked the racks as best he could, and they opened anyway. I bought myself something cool at a great price. Please visit the website and do the same

Tiffany's Boutique

Right next door to Trunk is Tiffany's Boutique. A store chock-full of hip vintage clothing that runs the gamut from Boho-flowy-fringy to Hepburn-Golightly-chic. There really is something here for every woman, including girls that eat lunch and remember the fashions from their first time around. Tiffany - yes, 80's pop-star Tiffany - makes time while she travelling and touring to collect vintage pieces to bring back to Nashville for the boutique. This little blurb doesn't do it justice, so look for a more in the future. If you're local come grab that present for the girl that isn't afraid to stand out. You can also shop a number of items online. Prices are very reasonable, and the staff are wonderful. I thoroughly enjoyed chatting with resident stylist Payton, a young beauty with an old soul and excellent taste in music. 

My best find of the day happened here, and that was Tiffany herself. She's something else, and I mean that in the best sense of the phrase. We hit it off immediately because she is a very genuine, vivacious, authentic person, and we have a fair few things in common. I think I may have made a friend, and that's priceless. 

Since it's now officially Cyber Monday it's appropriate to point out my recent "Shop Nashville's Best Online" sidebar. Visit Pura Vida Vintage and Amanda Valentine online only to get some great holiday deals on vintage and designer clothing, jewelry, and accessories. Better hurry, though; the holiday rush is just around the corner. Get out there and shop!

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