Hands On A Comet

We blog because we want to share a part of who we are with the world. Our fashion sense, our knowledge, our life experiences, are what we pour onto our posts in search of validation and commonality. We put ourselves out there onto the internet in the hopes that somebody else will identify with what we have to say. And they do; we become part of little galaxies within the solar system that is the 'net. 

But some of us have messages that are too different, or too diverse, to be confined to a steady orbit. Some of us have to become comets, our path cutting across the 'net-verse, touching as many constellations as possible before we burn out altogether. 

This is all a very lofty metaphor to explain that I'm much more interested in sharing how my life experiences may expand a few horizons and erase a few stereotypes than I am in discussing the length of tops for Spring 2014. There's nothing wrong with the latter, but you can get that kind of information in a myriad of places. It's become my mission to show you my passions expressed in my town with my physical limitations at my stage in life. That includes fashion and trends and giveaways but also a steady push towards social awareness and acceptance of the disabled.

That should keep me busy for a while. I truly hope I can keep you engaged in the process.

Here's the first of what will be several short little videos about what it's like to be me. Although at first glance that sounds like a narcissistic notion the idea is to give you a glimpse of how Cerebral Palsy affects my everyday life. This particular video is all about my hands and how I have to do many things quite differently than the average person. 

It ain't easy being me - but it can sure be fun!