Pinky Promise

February is all about love.

Notice I said love, not lovers. There are so many ways to express love that confining it to romantic, stereotypical relationships is a true disservice to the emotion. Indeed, there is no greater transformative power than love. It can change your life forever. To love is to accept human imperfections and inconsistencies in lieu of pure emotion and the promise of another day to love unreservedly.

It isn't logical, but it is sensible. A life without love will always be incomplete - and that starts with your own ability to love yourself. Think about it; the only relationship in your life that you can't forego, can't sever or walk away from, is the relationship you have with yourself. We call it "self-esteem" but it really is self-love. The more accepting you are about your own flaws and stumbles the more likely you are to have deep, lasting love relationships with those around you that are worthy of your affections.

So make a pinky promise with yourself to love instead of loathe yourself. Be kinder and less critical of your failures and mistakes but don't get lazy and complacent in the name of emotional security, either. Instead, think enough of yourself to always strive to be a better person, reach a higher goal, trust a little more, love a little deeper.

It's the hardest task you will ever be charged with. Believe me when I tell you I am by no means a master at it. For all of my bravado I'm harder on myself than I am on anyone else. I can tell you that love of oneself, along with other love-related issues, are the biggest stumbling blocks most of my disabled followers face. So much so that I'll address these things from a disabled perspective separately very soon.

But for now let's focus on the "pink" in "pinky" - because I have to show off my outfit.


How about a little pink and purple to match the streaks in my hair? The jacket and cashmere sweater are holdovers from last winter, as is the Fossil heart charm watch. A seasonal clearance sale at New York and Company yielded the purple geometric skirt, and I haven't yet tired of wearing my black boots from Shi. The scarf is semi-sheer and embellished with twin peacocks. It was purchased from a vendor at a Greek festival. 

And here's one especially for The Style Crone. The only new piece below is the leopard cap, even the Fashion for Dummies book from McKay is used.