Double Valentines And Other Romantic Affairs

We have a relationship of sorts with the city we live in. Our happiness is as dependent upon what our town offers us as it is in our interactions with the people that surround us. Relationships that remain stagnant are generally destined to wither and die. Likewise, places that don't increasingly offer us opportunities to thrive and expand our cultural horizons make us yearn to be somewhere else.

There is no question that Nashville is evolving as a city. What was once considered a kitschy, corny town is slowly becoming hip and trendy. People from all over are moving to Nashville bringing with them their own cultural aesthetic to throw into an increasingly divergent metropolitan melting pot. Our chefs are being nominated for major culinary awards; our fashion designers are receiving national attention.

Like This one.


This Valentine Valentine tunic is a perfect example of Nashville's evolving sense of style. Nashville designer Amanda Valentine has a very bold, clean, unfussy aesthetic that, thankfully, goes against everything we expect to see from Music City. I found this at Trunk by way of Fashion for a Fraction's Fall sale. Trunk is Nashville's first fashion truck and, as such, they are inaccessible to me unless they participate in one of these events. I absolutely love the pairing of navy with camel and the strong graphic detail.

I chose to belt it with a black quilted bow belt I purchased from Gus Meyer at the Summer FFAF. My Rock and Candy booties from Shi are all-too-familiar by now, but they seemed the perfect pairing with some fishnet stockings that compliment the patterned theme of the tunic. The chunky necklace from Forever 21 is a nod to the ancient cultures of South America. The copper wire and stones with pearls bracelets are from Appolonia's Accessories. They're one-of-a-kind pieces crafted with meticulous attention to detail. I have a weakness for copper tones in jewelry so I added my vintage LOVE cuff. The Street Smart wool felt cloche is a Nashville Flea Market find.

Speaking of one-of-a-kind pieces, my friend and fellow Nashville fashion blogger Megan of Megan Mae Daily is selling Custom Character Cards for just $10. This isn't just a digital image. She actually mails you your Character Card so you can frame it and put it on your wall. That's what I'm doing with mine - and I'm putting it on my digital "wall" as well.


These days Nashville is courting it's residents with promises of revamped districts, creative entrepreneurial neighbors, quality artisenal goods and exciting entertainment. It's like falling in love all over again, and I'm enjoying the courtship.

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