Dignity Not Charity

 This phrase has been at the forefront of my little world for the past month.

I'm honored once again to be working with Marketplace: Handwork of India. A nonprofit alternative trade and development organization, Marketplace empowers disadvantaged women in India by giving them the skills to start their own business and work with a collective of artisans to produce beautifully made clothing, accessories and home goods.  For a woman living in India - especially one with a physical disability -  a paycheck can mean the difference between a life of poverty and possible abuse suffered at the hands of others and a life of financial stability and independence.

A life of dignity, not charity, and who doesn't deserve that?


Marketplace sent me the Agra Tunic in Hibiscus from their Spring Collection in a Petite size to style and review (it's available in Petite, Misses and Womens sizes). You saw me wear it earlier this month in A Day In my Life During Nashville Fashion Week and Sweet Tea Vintage Bridal. It's lovely enough to wear on it's own or with a few baubles like my bespoke bracelets from Appolonia's Accessories. The vivid colors and detailed neckline are pretty enough to wear for a video interview and easy enough to wear if you find yourself creekside for extended periods of time.

If you look closely in the photos above you'll see what is a makeshift camp. It's occupant has been living there for over a year, climbing the bluff, drinking from the creek, and living off of the generosity of good samaritans.

But initially we didn't know that. We got a message from a friend asking if we could pick up a stray that had been dumped at this location. It wasn't that simple. Rhoda is a sweet girl but she's leery of people and wouldn't let anyone near her - except for Clint. So, on top of everything else he's doing, he's been going to hand-feed Rhoda several times a week to try to gain her trust so we can get her to a foster home. She's a big girl, probably 70 pounds or so, so it's not like he can just scoop her up and put her in the car. This will take time and patience but, just like the women that made my lovely tunic, she deserves a better life. A life of security and loving support.

When Rhoda is finally, officially "rescued" I will post links for those of you that would like to contribute towards her vetting. In the meantime, Mother's Day is fast approaching. Wouldn't it be wonderful to give her a gift from Marketplace: Handwork of India - a gift that may very well help another mother halfway around the world give her children a life that until recently seemed too good to be true?

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