NFW Update And A Guest Post On

This is more of a bulletin than a blog post, but there are two time-sensitive items I need to draw your attention to.

If you are planning on attending tomorrow night's runway event celebrating fashion and art at 5th Avenue of the Arts (Downtown Nashville) and are hesitant because of impending bad weather, don't worry. The storms are supposed to blow through by early afternoon and, even if they don't, the event will take place rain or shine.

Image Courtesy of  Nashville Fashion Week

Image Courtesy of Nashville Fashion Week

I'm also excited to announce that I've written a guest post about travel tips for the disabled for my friend Pseu over at Une Femme d'un Certain Age. I'm honored to contribute to such a stylish, yet unpretentious website. Pseu is truly a classy lady and I hope my contribution to her "Travelling in Style" series will be helpful.

Now, let me locate my emergency leopard-print wellies in case I need them for tomorrow night!