Save Rhoda: One Dog At A Time

This is a Mother's day post, even if it is a very unconventional one. I'll show you my nice outfit, but I really, really want you to watch the video at the end. Since tomorrow is my birthday, I'll consider your viewing the video as a birthday present.


This is what I wore the second time my better half and I ventured into the wooded area Rhoda, the dog I introduced you to in Dignity Not Charity. The red studded top is from Stitch Fix  (if you haven't signed up for one of their "fixes" yet you're really missing out) and the camel pants were on final clearance at New York & Co. The Report boots are as close to cowboy/girl as I'm ever likely to get and the white bow bag is from Charming Charlie. I really do need to find a second Summer hat as you've seen this one before and are likely to see it again.

But this post is really about Rhoda. If you remember I talked about how the call to pick up a stray turned into a quest to establish trust and loving bonds that were necessary to get her to safety. It turns out her situation is more complicated, and more urgent, than we initially thought. The video below explains everything. It's a little long; watch it anyway - all the way through - but get some tissues first because you'll need them.

So you see, this is a Mother's Day post after all. We take this day every year to celebrate Mothers everywhere and show them our appreciation with cards and presents and attention. Won't you please extend some of your love to this mother-to-be, who is in poor health to begin with and has the onerous task of delivering and caring for nine puppies? We're all hoping that all the pups will be healthy, but there's no guarantee of that. She has a loving, capable foster and a few humans looking out for her, but the vet bill alone will be in the thousands of dollars. 

As I said in the video, if you'd like to donate towards her and her babies' medical costs you can do so here Animalia Health & Wellness, 1973 New Highway 96 W., Franklin, TN, 37064, Phone: 615.595.7100. Please specify that your donation is for Rhoda and her puppies. At this point the vet bill is what I'm focusing on. You can also donate at our GiveForward campaign Save Rhoda & Her Eight Puppies. If there is a need for supplies to help Rhoda's foster I will let you know. If you're tapped out then I beg you to share this post and video to the extent that it goes viral. That doesn't cost you anything but a minute of your time.

One thing at a time. One dog at a time. This is what we can do together.

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Reflections on celebrating another birthday next time around.