Celebrating 53

Last week the ladies of 12th & Broad - who are inexhaustible in their coverage of Nashville's creative community and the unique experiences, collaborations and stories that make up Music City - wrote a piece about birthdays. It turns out they are all Taureans (born between April 20 and May 20) and they shared their thoughts about where they are in their lives and how they celebrated their birthdays. 

As a double-Taurus (both Sun and Moon in the sign of the Bull) I can't help but feel a sense of Sisterhood with my new Nashvillians friends, even if they are much younger than I am. Almost everything they're experiencing is old hat to me, but that doesn't mean that my life has run it's course and I'm ready to "go quietly into that good night".

Seriously, have we met?

I'm not going to lie. After fifty-three years the physical symptoms that make up my form of Cerebral Palsy have really started to take their toll on my body. Over half a century of incorrect movement will do that. I take a lot of medication that's supposed to keep the pain to a minimum and my mobility to a maximum. Sometimes it works. Not as well as it used to, better than it will next year. The decline in my motor skills has seen an end to my 3D art and limits my ability to type or carry on with many other activities as well as I'd like.

And in many ways I'm the happiest I've ever been. I think it's because I really understand who I am as a person. I'm comfortable being perfectly imperfect and quintessentially nontraditional. My spiritual and political beliefs don't fit neatly into any category I'm aware of. Motherhood never appealed to me so I have no kids or grandkids. I'm not young, I'm not thin, I'm not pretty, I'm not graceful.

What I am is willing to put myself out there and live like there's no tomorrow - because there may not be one. It's not all sunshine and rainbows, but it helps that I am loved. That is it's own reward, but I've reached the age where I want to leave something behind that may be of some actual value. All I can do is share my experiences and my example and hope my life has a lasting, positive impact on those who most need the courage to shine in perfect imperfection. That's my plan for 53.

As far as celebrating goes, I'm taking over for Codie Gentry and making the party last all month long. 

I think I've earned it.

The dress above is from the Shabby Apple giveaway hosted by darling Bella, The Citizen Rosebud (which means I got it for free). The exquisite jewelry is on loan from Boyer New York and you'll see more about that later this month. Corkies by Jellypop and Olivia and Joy satchel will get lots of use this Summer.

Speaking of birthdays, look at this sweet baby born the day after mine.

And he's got 7 brothers and sisters. These are Rhoda's puppies, Here's the family portrait.

Please don't forget about Rhoda. Call Animalia Health & Wellness at 615.595.7100 and leave a donation towards her vet bill.  You know I'm going to keep reminding you until you do. Crowdfunding is now in place! You can donate at our GiveForward site Save Rhoda & Her Eight Puppies

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