Elizabeth Cooke's Hand Made Jewelry

Who doesn't love a day at the flea market?


Before my better half rebuilt my thrift store electric wheelchair the flea market would have been an impossibility for me. Now it's so much fun to peruse all the booths in search of some vintage treasure. Nashville's Flea Market is held at the Tennessee State Fairgrounds. Many vendors set up in the open air, making it necessary to plan your attire accordingly. 

If you've been reading Spashionista.com for any length of time you know that casual doesn't mean dumpy. The outfit is my definition of casual. Stitch Fix slim-fit Kensie jeans and Pomolo black and white striped jacket. Paris racerback from the Trunk over a simple white tank from Costco. Charming Charlie bone bow satchel, Report ankle flats and d&y cloche from Ross. While it's true that I looked very dressed-up compared to the majority of folks around me I was incredibly underdressed for my favorite booth.


Are you impressed, enthralled, enchanted by the beautiful costume jewelry pieces in the display case? You should be, because many of them were hand made by the incredibly talented young lady who sells them. 

Elizabeth Cooke and her mother have a booth in the Creative Arts building at the Flea Market where they sell high-end costume jewelry from bygone eras. Several months ago I purchased a multi-colored bracelet from Cooke and wore it to closing night of Nashville Fashion Week.

But they don't just sell vintage pieces. Elizabeth preserves elements of pieces that are beyond repair and re-imagines them into her own line of swarovski rhinestone jewelry. The attention to detail is masterful - Cooke taught herself how to solder and prong set all of the rhinestones in order to bring her designs to life - and the point-of-view is distinctly hers. These are red carpet worthy pieces; all of them, yet she is very unassuming about her work, the bulk of which is for sale at Ruby Lane: Jewels by Elizabeth Cooke

She was kind enough to let me model this Heliotrope and Purple Rhinestone set for the blog. See what I mean about being underdressed? The entire set is priced at just shy of $1,000, and I can tell you that if I had the money I would've taken it home with me.

In fact, we're discussing a much narrower necklace with a slightly different style. Just a necklace, mind you, but I'm excited. At any rate, I strongly suggest you peruse Cooke's website if you'd like something exquisite and sparkly to wear on those special nights out. I promise you will not be disappointed.

Wearing my goodies to Visible MondayMonday Bloom and Monday Mingle

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