Vote Amanda Valentine For Project Runway 13

Regular readers to Spashionista know it's no secret that Amanda Valentine is my favorite local designer - and one of my favorite people, for that matter. I wear her clothes often because I love them and I want all of you to see what the former Project Runway contestant is really capable of. She was eliminated from the show far too early for any of that to become apparent, and lost out on the prize package that every emerging fashion designer dreams about to give them the means to establish and grow their brand

Now Nashville's darling among designers has a second chance at the brass ring, but she needs your help.


Starting Friday, May 23, you can vote for Amanda to be the one designer out of a field of three to return to Project Runway for Season 13. Start by following her on Instagram @valentimes and you'll be able to cast your vote for her InstaPortfolio on Rate the Runway. You can vote for her as many times as you like (hundreds, thousands; but not until Friday) between 8:00am May 23rd and 11:59pm June 6th.

Let's do the right thing here and give Amanda the chance to walk away a winner this time, not just in my eyes, but in the eyes of the folks that hand out the prize. Vote, share, repeat.

Did I mention today is her birthday? Happy Birthday, kid. Show NYC what timeless, edgy clothes look like in Music City. 

Speaking of the right thing, as I write this we are at 10% of our goal for the Save Rhoda campaign. Keep sharing and keep giving. It's in your hands to get this Mommy and her eight babies the care they need.