Black And White And Art All Over

It's the end of May and I find myself once again at the Nashville Flea Market. 


This time it was my better half that was on the hunt for a few things. He didn't fare so well, but I found a few things too good to resist.

Not that I was looking for anything in particular. I enjoy being able to stroll around in my electric wheelchair, seeing new things and meeting new people. Like Leslie, the lovely lady in the third picture. I bought some very interesting artwork from her that you'll see in a future post, and we had a lovely chat about preserving vintage clothing (we exchanged cards but I seem to have lost hers. Leslie; drop me an email with your info). She also let me cuddle with her sweet dog Muffy, who enjoyed some belly rubs and snuggling. I'm always happy when I see a pet that's loved and cared for.

Here's the part where I ask you if you've shared and/or donated to Rhoda and Her Eight Puppies' GiveForward Fund. We have a Facebook page now, too, for updates. 

Back to the Flea Market. I'm an avid admirer and collector of Art Nouveau so when Clint came across the poster I'm holding he bought it for me as a birthday gift. It's a reproduction of an 1898 poster for an Italian opera. Interestingly, it was painted by Adolfo Hohenstein, a German artist that produced so many pieces for Italian publishing house Ricordi he earned the nickname, "Father of the Italian poster". It's got some wear so it isn't a recent reprint, and I'm happy to have it. Now I just have to find a place on my walls to hang it.

I also found a pretty little silver braided bangle with an aqua stone (likely glass) for next to nothing. Likewise the blue felt hat was a very sweet deal. It's a little hot for Summer but it's so striking I had to wear it.

I'm trying my hand at wearing more black and white; more neutrals in general. Not my comfort zone at all, and I'm mindful of keeping it modern so it doesn't look elderly. I wore the white Coco shirt to Opening Night at Fashion Week. The Jules & Leopold maxi skirt is the only one I've found so far that actually fits my Petite proportions properly. I can't tell you how many girls I saw wearing patterned maxis that were too long - and hiking them up so high you could see their I-don't-want-to-see-thats.

The Spring Step sandals are very comfy and the Olivia and Joy satchel is the perfect size for me. The hat I started with is a lovely cloche I bought from Tiffany's Boutique. I ventured in a few weeks ago and had a lovely time. I'll give you a full report soon which will hopefully include an interview. The Turquoise Small Knot earrings are, of course, from Boyer New York and the necklace is from Stitch Fix.

Did I mention that Elizabeth Cooke is designing a necklace for me? I stopped by her booth to say hello and she promised to send me photos of the work as it progresses. Won't that make for an interesting post? I can already picture it with the bespoke kimono Amanda Valentine is making.

Here's the part where I ask you if you've voted for Amanda today at Rate the Runway to return to Season 13 of Project Runway. You can literally vote a million times if you want to - and you know you want to.

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