Valentine Valentine Tee

It's been another busy week. There are some really exciting things happening, and even more waiting in the wings for the near future.

This week I was honored to be interviewed by 40+Style. Read all about How to have fun with fashion and look stylish in a wheelchair – a style interview with Alicia. Sylvia has quite an impressive site dedicated to looking chic after 40 and she's garnered an international following. I hope you'll take a look around and become a frequent visitor.

With so much going on lately it's been a challenge to keep up, not to mention carving out a little time to shoot a few pictures. But my better half and I managed to take a few hours during a recent thrifting expedition to take a few shots.

We dubbed this day our "Wardrobe Malfunction Outing". Clint's zipper broke about halfway through our outing. Fortunately, it was 50% off day at Goodwill so he managed to score a Nordstrom's suit for $10 - an definite step up from the cargo shorts he started with. My jeans had suffered the same fate several weeks ago. I had a new zipper put in, but discovered that it didn't want to stay up when I sat down. That's why I'm standing in all these photos, and why I buttoned my jacket for the rest of the day.

I bought this gorgeous Valentine Valentine Tee from Amanda herself back in April. It's such a distinctive design that I couldn't resist it, even though the neckline is much higher than I'm generally comfortable wearing. To break up the column effect I paired it with my black and white striped jacket and trouser jeans. I also added a new necklace I got from Cathe Martin at the Nashville Flea market. I love the grey braided leather and triangular pendant design. It feels very retro and is a nice, subtle accent on against the graphic tee. I threw on my favorite bangles for a nice little pop of color. All in all, not a bad save. Be sure to tune into the new season of Project Runway on Lifetime to see if Amanda made it back onto the show!

For those of you that have been following Rhoda and her eight puppies' story I have some great news. All eight pups are absolutely, gorgeous, healthy, happy, and have been adopted! Wanna see some baby pictures?

So what about Rhoda, you ask? She is still facing at least three months of grueling and expensive vet visits and life-saving medication regimes. Left unchecked, her diseases will kill her, which is why Clint and I have stepped up to become her foster parents while she concentrates on getting well. If you'd like to kick in towards her vet bills you can do so at her GiveForward page.


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