Who Am I?

First things first, I want to share with you some important news for those of you that have been following Rhoda and her puppies' story. The puppies are ready for adoption! In fact, some have already been placed. If you're interested please email rbynsnest@yahoo.com for an application. I'm thrilled to report that we will be fostering Rhoda while she has her treatment for the heartworm and tick-borne diseases! She'll be here with us starting next week, but she came over for a visit yesterday. Our fundraiser for her vet bills has only raised about a third of it's goal, so please remember to share and donate to #SaveRhoda

This week's post was written by my better half, Clint Searcy. You'll see more guest posts from him in the future about who he is and some of the things he and I experience as a couple.

Who am I? It can be a tricky question. When people meet Alicia and I the guessing game can become a bit strange if I don't make quick with the introductions. At restaurants we are constantly asked if this will be separate checks. Am I an attendant? Am I a cousin? It seems for a lot of folks assuming that we are married is a stretch. I'm not complaining. mind you,  just observing. People are who they are and sometimes that's a curiosity to me.

I'm Alicia's husband. Her Cerebral Palsy keeps her from driving so I am also her driver. I'm handy with the tools so I'm also a pit-crew of sorts. On some of her most intricate outfits I am her wardrobe assistant. Sometimes when we go to events I am listed on the guest list as “attendant”. Other times I'm hauling around a camera and recording gear and I'm listed as “photographer”. I wear many hats. Over the next few months I plan to write a few blog posts for Spashionista that focuses on a few of these hats and labels from my point of view.

Today’s hat...Photographer.

Photo by  James Coffer  https://jamescoffer.squarespace.com/

I have always been interested in photography. Over the years I have dabbled in it with cheap point-and-click cameras. As the quality of phone cameras improved I started putting a little more effort into my compositions. Earlier this year Alicia asked me to shoot Nashville Fashion Week 2014 for Spashionista. So there I was at the end of the runway, elbow to elbow with some of Nashville’s best photographers. They had tripods and Cannons and Nikons and fancy light rigs and there I stood... with my phone.. I took hundreds of photos and dozens of videos with an iPhone 4s. Even though I did manage to get a few good shots it was a bit embarrassing.

So I decided then and there that I would get something a little more professional and finally get into this photography thing for real. Now I have a Nikon 3200 DSL. This is FAR from a professional camera but it's respectable and is considered a good place to start learning the basics without spending thousands of dollars. This is why you're starting to see some very wide swings in picture quality on Spashionista these days. I'm learning the ropes here. Exposure, fstop, ISO, aperture etc. These are all new concepts to me and I'm sort of winging it while I learn. It's all a bit “hit and miss” at the moment but I'm getting it figured out.

This week I'm joining in on the fun at Share In Style and Monday Mingle