Pura Vida Vintage

How do you feel about handicapped accessibility,  self-acceptance,  authentically good people, body positivity, vintage clothing, and florals? Have I piqued your interest? Then read on; it's worth your while.

Last week marked the 24th anniversary of the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act). You know, that Act of Congress that was supposed to guarantee physical access and employment equality to America's disabled citizens. We've come a long way down that road, and things are definitely better than they were before the ADA, but major accessibility issues still exist. These issues have kept me out of several places in Music City that I've been dying to visit because I simply can't get my wheelchair in the door.

One of these places is Pura Vida Vintage, the hottest vintage clothing store in Nashville. You can't miss the shop's huge billboard as you drive into downtown via the highway.  Everybody wants to wear PVV's treasures. Most of Nashville's stylists are regular customers, and Country music artist Kasey Musgraves instagrammed her recent visit to pick up a few things. Krystle Ramos, the owner, has been working on her landlord for over a year to build a wheelchair accessible ramp into the building, which is exempt from having to meet ADA accessibility standards via Historical Protection. A few weeks ago I had to run an errand nearby so I took another look at the Red Barn building on Music Row that Pura Vida Vintage and Only One Tailoring call home. Though not wheelchair accessible, the side entrance could be navigated with a walker and a bit of assistance. I wrestled with the notion that using a walker to get in would somehow betray my wheelchair-using readers.

But I eventually realized that not all disabled people are in wheelchairs, and not all of my readers are disabled. Honestly, sometimes I can be really stupid. Of course I should go in if I could physically get in! Here's Krystle sharing her passion for the Pura Vida Vintage concept, and what happens when you spend two hours trying on some beautiful, authentic vintage clothing. Wanna see?

There are a few important points that need to be mentioned. Pura Vida Vintage is a very successful shop that has garnered national attention. The fact that she has gone out of her way to keep me in the loop as she consistently presses for a wheelchair ramp is a testament to the kind of person she is. It's also proof that authentically good, positive people end up thriving and being successful in the long run. I strongly encourage my fellow Nashvillians to visit the shop, and everyone can shop online via the website or the Etsy store. Most of PVV's vintage clothing can be had for less than retail discount store prices, and that includes the menswear, so there's something for everybody. 

In case you're curious, I didn't leave Pura Vida Vintage empty-handed. You'll just have to wait and see which pieces came home with me. Do you see anything you like?

In the process of trying on all of these clothes in front of a three-sided mirror I had a bit of an epiphany. I often refer to myself as a "girl who eats lunch". I work pretty hard to stay healthy and try to maintain muscle tone and strength. But there are some parts of my body that I'm uncomfortable showing because I can't seem to make any progress in improving them. I have big arms, especially my upper arms, and I have a prominent belly. You can see both of these "flaws" in some of these pictures and in the video. It's time for me to accept what I have to work with. Acceptance doesn't mean surrender. I'm not giving up on my quest to stay fit, but I am giving in to my body's shape. It's okay to be "imperfect". Just like it's okay to use a walker to get into certain places. What a relief!

What about you? Are you okay with being imperfect?

It's no coincidence that  you're seeing several floral outfits in this post. The devastatingly chic Sacramento of Mis Papelicos and I are co-hosting this week's Share in Style: Florals #bloggersharinginstyle linkup.

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