Fostering Rhoda With Style

It's been a few weeks since I've talked about Rhoda. Those of you that have kept up with her story know that, thanks to a wonderful foster who did a magnificent job, all eight of her puppies have gone to their forever homes. But circumstances required a different foster to see Rhoda through her treatments so my better half and I stepped up to take over.

This is not a decision we arrived at on a whim. Weighing in at just under 70 pounds Rhoda is a big dog, the biggest dog I've ever worked with. The time she spent living on the bluff has kept her immature and unfamiliar with structure or routines.  If we took her in we would have to teach her how to be an obedient dog that had to coexist with us and our two dogs in an appropriate manner. In addition to all of this because of her illnesses a highly active dog would have to be limited to leash walks and crated quiet time.

I won't lie, it seemed daunting at first, but she's so worth it. 

Robyn's Nest Animal Rescue is footing the bill for all of Rhoda's care and treatments. They has also supplied us with food, a large crate, and an outdoor pen to give Rhoda her own space in which to convalesce. These are expensive items, some of which are donated, some not. I will remind you about the GiveForward widget at the top of the sidebar that takes you to Rhoda's donation page. So far we've raised 40% towards the cost of fostering and vetting this sweet, beautiful dog. How about giving a little if you can or sharing if you can't? 

But I digress. These photos were taken several weeks ago at Animalia, which is where Rhoda is receiving her veterinary care. I was really impressed by the staff and the facilities. Dr Preston took the time to answer our questions and gave us a realistic idea of what we need to do so Rhoda has the best chance of fully recovering from her potentially fatal illnesses. Animalia even gave me a tour of their rehabilitation area where dogs and cats with arthritis, obesity, and other debilitating diseases get physical therapy and tons of TLC.

Have a look at my better half Clint's update which includes some of the wonderful rehab center's furbabies. 

And who said walking - or in my case rolling - the dog can't look stylish? How about a cropped (yes, I said cropped. Even a 53-year-old can wear this trend if it fits properly.) T-shirt from Forever 21, Macy's Style&Co Petite black denim jeans, and Mary Jane polka-dots flats from three years ago, also from Forever 21? I think it works just fine. Of course, Rhoda is sporting a beautiful cobalt blue harness from Tractor Supply.

We both look cute enough to join Sacramento for Share in Style: Summer,  Monday MingleCreative MondaysStylish Tuesdays, Thursday Favorite Things and The Life of the Party.