Germantown Cafe

 Twice a year, Nashville Originals - a select group of eateries that belong to Music City's Independent Restaurant Association - participate in Restaurant Week. During that time they offer up exclusive menus at reduced prices to entice Nashvillians to visit and taste their wonderful food. 

Just about a month ago my better half and I decided to explore the historic Germantown district and have our Restaurant week dinner at the Germantown Cafe.

Photo Courtesy of  Germantown Cafe

Photo Courtesy of Germantown Cafe

This neighborhood is one of several that has been undergoing a revitalization. Apartments and condos are being built and sidewalks are being repaired for better wheelchair access. The vibe is very clean and minimalistic, but far from cold. There's a vacant lot directly across from where my better half and I seated in the dining room that the residents were using as an impromptu dog park. It was great fun to watch the canines cavorting while I enjoyed my dinner.

As you can see from the menu there were a lot of delicious dishes on offer for a mere $20.14. We settled on the fried green tomatoes - the best I've ever eaten - and crab cakes. A lovely slice of cheesecake rounded out the meal. I couldn't decide between a glass of wine or a cocktail and I finally settled for a rye-based drink called the Final Chapter. If you're ever anywhere near this restaurant you've got to try it! Unfortunately my phone died before I could get any photos of the food, but that just means I have to go back, doesn't it?

The venue is casual chic so that's exactly how I dressed. The '60's vintage polka dot and flower dress is from Pura Vida Vintage, the jacket is several years old, and the cork wedges are in heavy rotation until my toes get too cold to wear them.

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