Before And After

Today's entry is really a series of mini-posts with one thing in common. Something is different, altered by time and effort; by the application of a product or a discipline. Oh, and there are some cute clothes and animals, too.

Good quality leather coats, shoes and accessories can be hard to come by these days. If you're lucky enough to have such items in your possession it's important to keep it in the best condition possible. To that end, I was given a bottle of Leather Honey leather conditioner to try out.

My better half had an old guitar strap that was faded, cracked, and stained to the point it was practically peeling. Just one application of Leather Honey restored it's original color, evening out the water marks and making the leather more pliable. But the real test was his genuine Army surplus circa 1987 combat boots. They have seen mud,  snow, and all manner of heavy labor imaginable. The boot pictured on the left was treated with Leather Honey while it's mate remained untouched. The difference is clearly visible, and my better half says he can feel the difference as well. The untreated boot is stiffer and actually squeaks when he walks. I promised I would use the conditioner on it this week.

If Leather Honey can restore these items just think of what it can do for your leather shoes, bags and coats. Did I mention it's chemical free, reasonably priced and has a 100% satisfaction guarantee or you get your money back.

Now we go from leather to lashes. 

For the past two weeks I've been on a mission for thicker, longer lashes with Lanakin. Unlike many other topical lash products that can alter eye color, Lanakin is an all natural herb supplement taken twice daily comprised of 38 natural ingredients that can triple your lash length in 12 weeks time. 

The photos above were taken two weeks apart and without any make-up. After 14 days the difference is subtle, but it is there. The main thing I noticed was my lower lashes seemed longer and fuller, and I could get by with a swish of mascara instead of my usual two coats. It also bears mentioning I experienced no side-effects whatsoever during the two week trial period. I'm confident that if I were to continue to use Lanakin it would likely deliver on it's promise (and I think the company would do well to offer potential reviewers a longer supply so the results are more evident). This is great news for ladies that have sparse lashes who don't want to go the topical, chemical route. Your first six-week supply of Lanakin will cost $69.99, which I'm given to understand is less expensive than the prescription alternative.

How about a very different kind of before and after? 

Remember Rhoda, the feral dog living at the base of a bluff by a creek that Clint coaxed into eating out of his hand after six weeks of evasiveness? The one that gave birth to eight healthy puppies only three days after being rescued? The one that we've been fostering on behalf of Robyn's Nest Animal Rescue for the past five months while she underwent painful, exhausting treatments for heartworm and other tick-borne diseases - treatment that your generosity helped fund?

Here she is; safe, healthy, and happy. We decided fairly early on that if she made it through her treatments and could be socialized to interact appropriately with Sasha and Jack, as well as with other humans, we would keep her. It hasn't been an easy process by any means, but this once feral dog who wouldn't let anyone touch her now nuzzles me to pet her, sits for treats, understands the word "no" - albeit she clearly dislikes being corrected - and has learned that this is her home.

She's also learned her new name. I never thought Rhoda suited her at all. Her coppery coat shines like a new penny in the sun, especially in the top photo which was taken Friday at the very base of the same bluff where she lived on her own for over a year. So I named her Penny Lane. May she always be in my ears and in my eyes.

For the record, I'm wearing Michael Kors colored denim, a Lord & Taylor cashmere sweater from Twice, A Baccini jacket, and Tom's wedges from Shi

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