Silkiness Hand Painted Silk Scarf

This week I bring you beautiful things and beautiful people in some unexpected places.

Let's start with this beautiful lady.

This petite beauty is Dr Sadia Dar, and we met under some unpleasant circumstances. Last Thursday I had an annoyingly sore, itchy throat. By Saturday morning I was coughing and wheezing so badly I had lost my voice. As it was a weekend the only option for care was the local clinic. Now, it's no secret that my neighborhood is not known for snappy attire, especially on the weekend. I'm used to seeing nothing but ill-fitting sweats and Uggs - or worse, flip-flops. Imagine my surprise when Dr Dar walked into the room. Don't you just love how put-together she looks, and how fabulous the navy cardigan paired with the turquoise shirt is? She effortlessly exudes professionalism and competence.

On the other hand, I have looked better. The diagnosis; bronchitis. I got a nice breathing treatment, some medication, and orders to, "take it easy for a few days". I'll try, but you know I can't stay down for long. I don't want to become a relic - like the sad theater in the photos below.

This theater is the closest one to my house. Once a truly regal movie house, it was damaged by the flood of 2010 and deemed unworthy of restoration. It has sat empty and abandoned ever since, and on this windy Winter's day proved to be the perfect backdrop to show off my new scarf.

A few months ago my friend and fellow blogger Angie Nardello of Reasons to Dress hosted a giveaway for the exquisite scarf I'm wearing, and I was the lucky winner. The hand-painted silk scarf is from a shop called Silkiness. Based in Latvia, shop owner Elizabeth has turned a gift-giving hobby into a thriving business. Many of her designs are heavily influenced by Art Nouveau, so she's a women after my own heart. The one I'm wearing is a one-of-a-kind hand-painted plaid in my favorite colors, and the quality of the soft, wispy silk is first rate. Prices are very reasonable as well, so I encourage you to visit the Silkiness Etsy site before I buy out her entire inventory!

EDIT: Silkiness has extended an exclusive offer for Spashionista fans! Get 10% off any purchase over $40 (excluding custom items)  by using the code FASHIONBLOG at checkout. This offer is good until February 14th. 

Although you've now seen it in the Saints and Sinners Pictorial post, this is the debut of my red wheelchair cowl. It swaps out quite nicely with the grey one, which I am considering painting white for special occasions. As for the old Regal theater, there's talk of turning it into a gun range. I can see the logic in that.  More of Nashville's growth in evidence.

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