Nashville Style Setters

Last week I attended an event honoring Nashville Magazine’s best dressed featuring fashions for the upcoming season in a live model installation, cocktails, and music.

Style Setters was held at the opulent Hermitage hotel, a five-star hotel that's been around for over 100 years yet has managed to become completely wheelchair accessible. Guests were treated to hors d'oeuvres, cocktails and Fall fashions from select local shops and boutiques. The magazine's picks for Nashville's most stylish were in attendance as well. It was a fabulous evening of mingling and merriment in the poshest of settings.

I wore my version of "Nashville black" - stilettos, dark jeans, black sequin top, belt from Gus Mayer, and a gorgeous kimono jacket from Trunk. Truth be told, I felt I was a bit underdressed for the event, a detail I will rectify at next year's event.

By now most of the people in the pictures look familiar to you. We've all become such good friends we tend to congregate wherever we are. Although none of them were chosen as Style Setters (and although I think the magazine's choices were all good ones) the event left me thinking about the concepts of fashion and style, especially in terms of blogging.

I used to consider myself to be strictly a fashion blogger and, perhaps when I started blogging, this was probably true. But as I watch the "fashion bloggosphere" become saturated by fashion bloggers so eager to succeed that they'll do anything to increase their traffic and garner freebies or subsidies, I feel it's more important for me to talk about style. The natural evolution of how you put together the clothes you buy and carry that image forward is within reach of all of us regardless of income, age, weight, or ability. 

If fashion is for every body, style is for everyone.

How do you see the difference between fashion and style as it relates to you?

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