Raven's Wing Hats/Kimberly Andert Designs

Even though the mercury will hit 90 today in Nashville, Summer will officially be over in just a few weeks. But it's Labor Day, so I'm going to say farewell to Summery attire in style. Summer could have no better sendoff than with some really gorgeous headpieces from Kim Andert of Raven's Wing Hats/Kimberly Andert Design.

I had the pleasure of meeting Kim Andert earlier this year at Art 2 Wear. She's a kind, lovely soul with a big heart for animals and an incredible creative talent. Her bespoke headpieces truly are works of art. Andert had many large, intricate hats and headpieces on display, and I fell in love with nearly all of them. Her work is retro-inspired and often uses reclaimed textiles and trims. The results are meticulously crafted, breathtaking pieces that are the perfect compliment to any stylish outfit.

She was kind enough to lend me several small fascinators to show off. In the spirit of full disclosure I must tell you I had more photos of both the Art 2 Wear booth and the shoot but they seem to have disappeared when my old computer died. If I find them I will add them, because these few shots truly don't do her work justice. I encourage you to visit her Etsy store and like Raven's Wing Hats on Facebook. Did I mention she does custom pieces as well? She's making one for me to go with a vintage gown I'm having modernized. Look for details in early 2016.

The pink dress and floral romper are courtesy of Pura Vida Vintage.  

Thanks to all of my readers that answered my questions to you in the comments section of Fashion Is For Every Body It's obvious that when it comes to clothing many of you want better options - and when it comes to body image most of you are unhappy with what you perceive your body looks like. Initially I was not going to include the full body shot of the romper because I felt it read very young, didn't do much to flatter my legs and midriff, and the straps should've been taped down to avoid the "gap" that comes with being a busty babe. In the end I included it because I wanted all of you to see that I have body type issues, too. No one is immune, and it all comes down to how we use what we have. The dialog for choices and resources will definitely become a more prominent feature on the blog.

Finally, the long goodbye has happened. Sasha was lovingly euthanized at home on August 30. Her quality of life had deteriorated very rapidly the last week of August, so I kept my promise to her that she should never be unhappy. She was my companion and my eccentric little mini me for 13 years. We laid her to rest between the dogwood tree and the birdhouse, where she caught and brought rabbits and birds to snack on. I will never be the same.