Disability Horizons Fashion Guru

I am very excited to announce I am now a Fashion and Disability #DHGuru for Disability Horizons: A 21st Century View of Disability. I'll be writing a bimonthly piece about Disability and Fashion, and I hope you'll check out my debut entry, Disability and fashion: a spashionista’s guide to shopping. Although some of it is disability specific the majority speaks to strategies that are useful to anyone. Please check it out - and share, share, share with your friends!

Speaking of shopping, some of you may remember a certain purple braided leather Oscar de la Renta skirt in my size I found at Saks Off Fifth several years ago. The one that's always there, every time I go back, taunting me.

It was still there yesterday, marked down yet again, from $3399 to $450. 

"You should try it on", my better half always insisted. I never did, because at $799, and $699, and $650 all the way down to $500, it was just too big an extravagance to even consider. So I'd visit it from time to time, dreaming of taking it home with me and wearing it to Nashville Fashion Week.

"You should try it on".


Not bad. not bad at all. Yes, it's a little long, but it can be hemmed. It's pleated at the waist, but it looks good, right?

Until I sat in my chair. Those pleats on that leather made the front of the skirt puff up like a kangaroo's pouch. I looked like a mama marsupial - wearing a designer skirt. It wasn't the chic, end-all-be-all statement piece I had lusted after for over a year. It's just an ill-fitting skirt. 

No wonder it's still there. Sorry, OdlR skirt, but I'm breaking up with you. You're pretty, but you don't know how to behave. If you're going to hang all over me you can't blow up every time I sit down.

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