Lily Guilder

Caitlin Stolley knows a thing or two about guilding lilies. Lily Guilder Design creates one of a kind and limited edition garments for Iconoclasts, Glamour Gals, Dapper Dudes, Faerie Queens, Superheroes - and Spashionistas.

Adjustable Sequin and Faux Fur Hood: Lily Guilder Design

Caitlin Stolley has taken her experience as a costume designer for television, film and stage and belief in her Granma's adage that quality clothing lasts longer to create her brand, Lily Guilder. Lily Guilder Design pieces are bespoke and cruelty-free with emphasis on attention to detail and comfort in motion. It's worth the trouble to check the website and see first-hand the variety in design and range of possibilities for your own one-of-a-kind item.

The sequin and faux fur hood I'm wearing is a prime example. It has adjustable straps that resemble suspenders but go on like a backpack. The "rig" is very comfortable and allows for lots of options and combinations. In this case, I paired it with a sable faux fur I found last year on Poshmark and the result is so seamless you'd be hard pressed to know these are two separate pieces. And it matches my hair, which is what prompted Caitlin to put it on me in the first place.

Since the first four photos were taken at Any Old Iron I couldn't resist grabbing one of Andrew Clancey's kinetic sequin bags to complete the look. The sequins are a different color on the underside and it's fun to run your fingers through them to create the two-toned effect.

You're never too old to sport a little sparkle. After all, Faerie Queens are ageless. 

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