Tiny But Mighty 2017

"Saving one pet won't change the world, but for that pet the world will be forever changed." ~ Unknown

As we enter the season of giving it can certainly feel like we're being bombarded for benevolence from every direction.  Add to that the stress of Thanksgiving and the panic of holiday shopping and supporting the causes we really value gets lost in the shuffle. Which is why Tiny But Mighty wants you to see happy pets posing for mug shots to raise funds to support animals that truly need help.


"Their crimes include breaking into the treat bank, stealing blue suede shoes and unlawful impersonation of a cat.

"But 40 Nashville pets participating in the fifth annual Tiny But Mighty Fund fundraiser have their hearts in the right place as they are helping raise what organizers hope will be $20,000 for the Nashville Humane Association. Many of the dogs are frequently seen on social media when their owners capture particularly cute, and sometime diabolical, moments. The campaign features mug shots of the pets...along with their alleged crimes and are seeking donations from friends and family to “post bail” for the canine offenders."

You may remember my girl Penny Lane from last year's campaign. She's back again to raise her "bond" of $250 by December 7th. Here's her Arrest Information: 

Penny Lane wearing Lily Guilder designer Caitlin Stolley's coat.

Penny Lane wearing Lily Guilder designer Caitlin Stolley's coat.


NAME: Penny Lane, aka Chewbecky

CRIME: Kidnapping & Harassment

Penny Lane just can't seem to stay out of jail. 

Last year she was arrested for digging up moles and forcing them to cuddle with her. This year her bad behavior has escalated and expanded to include kidnapping poor unsuspecting rabbits, box turtles and birds. These poor creatures are taken to a remote corner of her doghouse where they receive nuzzles, cuddles and kisses against their will. Any attempt at escape is met with emphatic verbal objections and harassment - hence her alias, "Chewbecky", because she apparently speaks Wookie - and even more affectionate behavior. 

No cute and fuzzy little animal is safe with Penny Lane trolling for tenderness.

Bail has been set at $250 by Tiny But Mighty and must be paid in full by December 7th. If bail is met she promises to enter a 12-step program for Limerents (those obsessed with infatuation) in an attempt to keep her paws to herself. 

(Your donation goes directly to Tiny But Mighty, a non-profit organization that promotes pet adoption and spay/neutering initiatives and preventing cruelty and inhumane treatment of animals.) 

Remember, every little bit helps. If you want to stop seeing posts and commercials about abused, emaciated animals - and I do - you have to donate to campaigns like this featuring happy ones like Penny Lane. She'd be a lot happier if you'd chip in to get her out of jail in time for Thanksgiving dinner.