Ageless Style

Let's welcome 2018 with a shining example of diversity in fashion.

On December 15th Monthaven Arts and Cultural Center in Hendersonville hosted the Ageless Style Fashion Event. A fashion show of upcycled, one-of-a-kind CB vintage style hats by the show's producer, Cynthia Brewer, and Vintage clothing and accessories primarily acquired from Michael Taylor Estate Moving Sale.

Brewer is a stylist and hat designer who believes a key principle is fashion isn't just about the clothes. It's also about how they make us feel about ourselves (a philosophy that aligns well with Fashion is for Every Body's Mission). A former model herself, Brewer's hats are truly wearable art pieces made from vintage fabrics, trims and other recyclable materials. 

Some of Middle Tennessee's most prominent ladies were enlisted as runway models for Ageless Style. International photographer Nancy Lee Andrews, Gallatin Mayor Paige Brown, artist and Fashion is for Every Body model Nina Covington, State Representative Courtney Rogers and her daughter, Kellan, Tennessee State Museum Director Emeritus Lois Riggins-Ezzall, Hendersonville Chamber of Commerce CEO Kathleen Hawkins,Pastor Linda Hilliard, educator and political leader Dr Lois Jordan, actress and model Connie Maynard, Private Investigator and author Norma Tillman and student Michelle Hawkins. They were joined on the runway by entrepreneur Marshall Kovalysik and models Austin Joseph and Trenton Charles.

Emmy Award winning journalist Holly Thompson opened the show and singer Hannah Sainato closed it. Guests were given the opportunity to shop the looks along with other vintage clothing, furs and jewelry as well as original CB hats, with 20% of sales going towards Monthaven Arts & Cultural Center. Monthaven is an historic mansion with an accessible ground floor that features local art exhibits and other shows within it's walls.

I decided to dress up, too, but in my signature color. The cape is a bespoke piece by Nashville designer Truly Alvarenga and has been on the runway at Nashville Fashion Week. The Rita Blouse is part of Laura Citron's debut collection. She's also based in Nashville and I'm lucky to call both her and Truly friends. I love the idea of wearing fresh, updated versions of classic shapes. These are candid shots, you will see both of these pieces again in future dedicated photo shoots.

Style really is ageless, and this year I'm going to share some of my experiences in identifying your own personal style along with acquiring pieces that won't bust your budget.