Happy Peepster And One Year Anniversary

Belated Happy Easter holiday to you all. This post is an important milestone for Spashionista Report; more on that later. As the landscape around me starts to pop with color I am dedicating April's fashion layouts to Spring's Crayon Box.

 photo 20130328_124858_zps56f15c3a.jpg

 photo 20130328_123845_zpsab2d79b4.jpg

 photo 9c4ca21b-396b-44d7-a088-dafed14b9e95_zps0422de70.jpg

 photo 20130328_123903_zpsc6081a26.jpg

Since for the foreseeable future I have to go to Vanderbilt Hand Clinic several times a week I am presented with multiple opportunities to pose in the heart of downtown Nashville. To be honest with you Nashville is not the most wheelchair accessible city I've been to so it's been quite a while since I've tried to wander around it's busiest streets. This will be a revelation on different levels for me as well.

These shots were taken in front of the Wells Fargo Plaza and Fifth Third Bank Courtyard on 4th Avenue and Church Street respectively. It was still cool enough to warrant a jacket but warm enough for Spring colors to come out and play. Since the first tulip of the season that opened up in my yard to greet me is a deep pink I thought it only appropriate to use it as my inspiration.

The linen blend geometric print Larry Levine skirt is several years old. I love the mix of bold pink with muted lavender and lemon yellow. I bought the Cynthia Rowley tank top on clearance at Marshall's for $7. My Baccini jacket is really getting a lot of wear this year. So are the studded grey Not Rated oxfords. My Gaudi inspired grey necklace has also seen a lot of wear. The bag is a Jessica Simpson from a few years back - but it's not the first one I've owned. The original was purchased at Shi and the zipper broke after only four months of use. I was heartbroken because it is the perfect bag size and shape wise for me to both carry comfortably and use effectively. I've been searching for a replacement ever since and last month finally found one on Ebay for less than $20.

As my Mr and I cruised through the grocery store we came across a pink Peep cupcake and he said, "Looks just like your outfit". He was right.

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April 1st marks the one year anniversary of this blog. I will be talking about this at length in my next post and I hope you'll come back to read it!

Visible Monday: Target Practice

A few weeks ago on a cold, damp afternoon I decided to check out the Prabal Gurung Spring 2013 capsule collection for Target. Because I knew I'd be swimming in a sea of colorful garments I decided to stand out by wearing black and white.

 photo 20130213_131826_zpsc124d4c7.jpg  photo 20130213_165109_zps505a6669.jpg  photo 20130213_133219_zpscb33a6b6.jpg

Take a five-year old John Paul Richard zebra striped trench jacket, two-year old black Nine West Vintage America jeggings, and add this season's pink Cynthia Rowley cashmere sweater and Dollhouse black studded motorcycle boots from Shi at Galleria. Finish with an Anne Klein watch and a bargain boutique bangle to go with my Medic Alert cuff. The result is a mix of retro and modern, classic and edgy. The only caveat is the jacket, which was a bit big 20 pounds ago, is now huge on me. I was hoping to find a suitable replacement that very day.

 photo 20130213_162043_zpsd50b9570.jpg

As far as the Gurung collection goes I hate to admit I was underwhelmed by it.  photo 20130213_162019_zps44e24a4b.jpg

While I loved the color palette I found the designs to be very unflattering for petite "girls who eat lunch" like me. This is a typical problem for me at Target, but just to be certain I did try on several of the Gurung pieces that caught my eye with no success.

 photo 20130213_162330_zps588ec8cb.jpg  photo 20130213_162148_zpsd1ca8724.jpg

As I handed the garments to the fitting room attendant she confessed that most people were having the same problem. "Everybody says they [the clothes] look better on the hangers."

Better luck next time.

Thanks to Not Dead Yet Style for the Visible Monday linkup.

By the way, I didn't forget last week's teaser in my post about The Wild Hare. I will deliver on my promise but it may not be for several weeks. You'll just have to keep reading. It'll be worth it.